The Wildflower Energy Project Begins

The Friends of Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is supporting efforts in St. Mary Parish to develop an area consisting of wildflowers and grasses over the pipeline right-of-ways. The beginning phase of the Wildflower Energy project will be to create about a 20 acre area of native wildflowers and grasses. Over time, the project could be expanded to cover additional areas on pipeline and electric power line right-of-ways.

By planting wildflowers over the pipeline right-of-ways which cannot contain trees, the area would attract and aid pollinators, birds and many species of wildlife. If you would like to help please consider a donation to the Friends of Bayou Teche NWR.

Stephen R Road Map web image.jpg

Directions to the Wildflower Area

From Hwy 90 take the Centerville exit at LA317 and exit towards Burns Point. The GPS location at the overpass is N29 44' 36" W91 26' 09.2". Travel down LA317 for about .3 miles where you will pass a gas station located on your right and then a railroad track. Turn right onto Alice C Road at GPS N29 44' 18.8" W91 26' 22.5". Traveling down Alice C Road at about .7 miles you will cross a small bridge with a pumping station to your left. Continue on Alice C Road for about 1.45 miles (GPS N29 45' 21.7 W91 27' 48.2").  Turn left on Stephen R Road (this is a gravel road with a large wooden Bayou Teche Refuge sign). The project is located along the road near the sign and also at the back of the road at the pond.