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Atchafalaya Wilderness Bicycle Trail

​The Atchafalaya Wilderness Trail is a gravel trail that runs on top of the west protection levee for about 55 miles from Henderson, La. through St. Martin, Iberia and St. Mary parishes to Calumet located southeast of Centerville, La. The trail is open for bicycle riders and hikers. All motorized vehicles are prohibited from using the levee top or trail. The trail was spearheaded by the Sierra Club.

St. Mary Section of the Atchafalaya Wilderness Trail

The Atchafalaya Wilderness Bike Trail travels through St. Mary Parish and a small section of the  Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge. The photos shown on this page have all been taken from this part of the trail. When traveling on the St. Mary portion of the trail you may begin at Ruiz Landing or any other boat landing along the way. The Ruiz Landing to Calumet section starts at Mile 31 and ends at Mile 55 or 24.5 miles from Ruiz Landing.  In the summer the trail can be very hot there is no shade on the levee top. In spring and fall, it can get windy on top of the levee where you will be traveling. Charenton Beach Landing offers shade and is a great place to take a break. Please be advised that there is no place to purchase food or water on the trail. You will need to bring everything you need for the trip with you on your ride. Verdunville Boat Landing located at mile marker 51/52 is where the levee road ends. It is the last access point to get to by a motorized vehicle. You can continue by bicycle to mile marker 55, however there is no road along the levee to support your trip if you decide to go on. At mile 55, you would have to turn around and go back to mile marker 51/52 to get off of the trail.

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