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Bayou Teche Refuge Water Trails

Currently the Bayou Teche Refuge has four water trails: Black Bear Trail, Wood Duck Trail, Alligator Trail and Yellow Bayou Trail. Feel free to visit these sites. Please remember all trails close at dark.

Black Bear, Wood Duck and Alligator Trails

The Black Bear, Wood Duck and Alligator water trails all can be accessed from the Fairfax Foster Bailey Boat Landing located under Hwy. 90 in Franklin. After launching your boat at the landing, take a left into the Franklin Canal. Along the way you will pass a flood gate and approximately 2.6 miles from the landing on your right you will see a canal with a fence across it. Behind this fence is  a non-motorized paddle trail accessible all year long through a small opening (39" wide) on the right side of the gate. If the gate is open, then motorized boats may also be on the trail from August 15 to August 31. Once you have passed through the fence you will be on the Black Bear Trail. At the 3.95 mile marker from the boat landing, you will come to a small island. To the right of this island is the Wood Duck Trail. If you continue traveling straight on the Black Bear Trail, you will see an opening on your left, which is the Alligator Trail. All three trails are dead end trails and approximately 5 miles from the boat landing to the back of each trail.


DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From Hwy. 90 take the Franklin exit (LA 3211). At the four way stop sign, take a right. At the three way stop sign, go straight. After you cross the bridge the Fairfax Foster Bailey Boat Landing will be on your right under Hwy. 90.

Yellow Bayou Trail

The Yellow Bayou Trail is approximately six miles round trip. The trail begins on the Atchafalaya west protection levee northeast of Centerville. The boat landing is located on the levee road. The put in is into the borrow pit on the levee which was used to build the levee system. After launching, paddle to the right of the boat landing. At approximately one mile, Yellow Bayou will be on your left. You can paddle approximately two miles into Yellow Bayou depending on invasive grass.


DRIVING DIRECTIONS: To get to the Yellow Bayou Trail from Hwy. 90, exit onto (LA 317)  towards Centerville. The GPS location at the over pass is N 29 44’ 36”  W 91 26’ 09.2”.Travel down 1.2 miles on (LA 317)  to  (LA 182) and take a left at the traffic light GPS location  N 29 45’ 35.4”  W 91 25’ 42.2”. Travel down (LA 182) for about .3 miles and take a right onto (LA 87) or Centerville bridge;  GPS Location  N 29 45’ 37.6”  W 91 26’ 02.2”.Cross the Bayou Teche and take a right onto (Parish Road 131) GPS Location  N 29 45’ 52.2”  W 91 25’ 58.7”. Travel down (Parish Road 131) about 2 miles until you come to a paved road on your left. Turn left and head towards the levee. You will come to a small bridge across the borrow pit. Turn left onto a gravel road on the side of the levee. While traveling gravel road, the levee will be to your right and approximately one mile on the left will be a small boat landing. This is the Yellow Bayou put-in.


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